Using your mind and body to reach career goals


Although academia remains a primary route to achieving job satisfaction, the constraints of this type of career entry are not for all. But for those lucky enough to possess the enviable skill of physical fitness a variety of challenging, exciting and rewarding opportunities are starting to emerge.

The current climate

In recent years schools have worked hard to recognize the significance and importance of vocational training for youngsters. However, with recent reform refocusing itself on old-fashioned academic values, there are fears that many talented youngsters will lose their way. It is vital that anyone with the valued skill of physical fitness, whether at the start of their working life or considering a career change, is aware of the training options open to them and how to deal with any written work required.

Fitness Trainer

For those who are physically active and fit and keen to pass on their knowledge to others, becoming a fitness instructor might be ideal. The job covers a wide range of activities and can be easily focused to a particular skill   whether it is teaching swimming to youngsters, yoga to expectant mothers or keep-fit to the elderly it can be an ideal opportunity to achieve a work/life balance. Entrance into the profession is available through recognised Diplomas which combine theory and practice to leave trainers fully prepared for the challenges to come.

Close Protection Security

A role that would suit people able to work responsively and flexibly, close protection is one of the most elite aspects of the personal security industry. It primarily involves ensuring the safety of high profile individuals and VIPs. Of course there is risk involved, yet it is offset by the reward of an ever-changing work environment. A close protection course provides knowledge that encompasses surveillance, explosive devices, medical emergencies and much more. BTEC qualifications are available and they provide comprehensive training for this complex and demanding role.

Armed Forces

Although becoming a soldier can carry with it some risk, the job also provides a sense of community and purpose that is difficult to find elsewhere. Following a written application, successful candidates will be appointed a careers adviser to guide them through the medical assessments prior to Phase 1 training. This initial training covers basic military skills such as first aid, orienteering and tactics in addition to life skills of confidence and discipline. Although there is no Diploma or BTEC qualification attached, the army is dedicated to providing and improving literacy levels amongst its recruits.

Managing written work

It is always important to keep a keen eye on deadlines and avoid leaving anything until the last minute a tempting as it may be. Having a dedicated space which is designated for study and study only can really help to focus even the most easily distracted mind. Most importantly, this space needs to be free of anything disruptive from televisions to clutter to friends or family. So whether it's fitness instructor training or a close protection course, the right space at the right time should lead to the right frame of mind.

Jennifer has been a careers adviser for over fifteen years. She works with people of all ages, guiding them to the correct training and employment opportunities for them.

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