Raid on to find free visa workers in Saudi

Dammam: Saudi government has launched a nationwide flash inspection effort to trace people who work in the Kingdom without sponsorship. The Deputy Labour Minister Mufrej Al-Haqabani said that the foreigners who violated the labour laws would be summarily deported.

There are around 18 lakh registered companies in Saudi Arabia. The Labour ministry aims to conduct raids in all these companies. The Home Ministry of the kingdom has taken strict punitive measures against workers who enter Saudi with free visas which permits them entry but do not provide employment and accommodation.  Since the Labour Ministry is digitally linked to the Home Ministry and General Organisation for Social Insurance, any labour law violation can be easily identified.

The minister said that no company has been excluded from the punitive measures for violation of labour laws. “No one has been given any special protection,” he added. Spokesperson of Labour Ministry, Hattab Al Enizi informed that 1000 more people would be appointed for the inspection process and the government would make sure that the law is implemented in letter and spirit. The responsibility to trace violators in private firms has been entrusted with the Labour Ministry. “The cases to be investigated and taken actions against violators will be handed over to the Home Ministry,” the minister said.

A large segment of foreigners, including Malayalees, are getting ready to return home as the rules have been tightened. According to a survey report, around 25 lakhs of immigrants have come on free visa to Saudi. Out of these two lakh workers are Malayalees.

With the extradition of those who violated the labour laws, the Saudi government aims to augment the employment opportunities for educated Saudi citizens. The authorities hope that the act would reduce crimes in the kingdom.

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