How to get a Job in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a monarchy ruled by a king chosen from and by members of the Al Saud family. The king rules through royal decrees issued in conjunction with the Council of Ministers, and with advice from the Consultative Council. The king appoints members of both councils. Islamic law is the basis of the authority of the monarchy and provides the foundation of the country's conservative customs and social practices. Saudi Arabia has a modern and well-developed infrastructure, and facilities for travelers are widely available.

How to get a Job in Saudi Arabia

First and foremost have a professional resume.  Ensure that key accomplishments are clearly stated.  Have a strong objective statement such as why you want to work in Saudi Arabia, what position you seek and why you are the most qualified individual for such a position.

Circulate your resume.  Put it on the usual web sites and/or message boards.  Some useful places to submit a resume for employment in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Career Builder – this web site is utilized by many Saudi companies and institutions seeking candidates.
  • – this web site specializes in advertising positions and opportunities in the Middle East region and always has a variety of differing types of positions available in Saudi Arabia.
  • – this well known web site also has search engines and links for jobs in Saudi Arabia.
  • Executive Jobs in Saudi – as the name states, this web site specializes in positions in Saudi Arabia.
  • Clarendon Parker – an international recruiting firm with a local office in Riyadh.
  • Helen Ziegler – the best web site for those who are seeking a position in Saudi Arabia’s medical industry.
  • Aramco – with US Headquarters in Houston and locations throughout Saudi Arabia, this is one of the largest of expat employers in Saudi Arabia’s oil industry.

It is further suggested that instead of waiting for an employer to find your resume, bring your resume to the attention of a target employer instead!  There are directories which identify American companies which have a presence in Saudi Arabia.  And if one works in a specific industry, again there are global directories organized by industries too.  Use these directories to identify potential employers.  And of course as with any perspective opportunity – DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Know the company, know its mission, vision and values.

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