Visit to Work Visa may be stopped

KUWAIT CITY, July 21: Kuwait might permanently stop the transfer of visit visas to work permits soon, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting Assistant Undersecretary for the Labor Sector at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Jamal Al-Dosary.

Disclosing the government is currently studying the issue, Al-Dosary said there is a tendency to stop the visit visa to work permit transfer process permanently, but it will be done in a gradual manner. He pointed out the ministry has started limiting such transfers, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior. He added this step will be followed by a permanent ban on the transfer in the future.

Al-Dosary clarified the idea came after the latest statistical reports showed the transfer of visit visas to work permit has contributed to the rising number of marginal workers in the country. He asserted this step is also aimed at balancing the lopsided population structure, considering the expatriates outnumber the citizens in the labor market.

Affirming this step does not mean the ministry intends to make it harder for companies to recruit the required workers, Al-Dosary stressed this will help maintain the skilled and technical workers whose services are vital to the growth of the nation.

On the alleged plan to reduce the expatriate population and limit the residency period for foreigners, Al-Dosary confirmed Kuwait is coordinating with other Gulf countries in this regard but no decision has been finalized yet.

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