Indian couple challenges British immigration law

London: An Indian woman who lives in Britain and wants her husband to join her there cannot do so because a new immigration law requires him to speak English. The couple have now challenged the law in court.

British citizen Rashida Chapti, 54, applied for her husband Vali Chapti, 57, to join her in Britain.

The couple have been married for 37 years and have six children together. Vali Chapti is an Indian national and does not speak, read or write English.

They have now challenged the rule at a court in Birmingham. They said the law "contravenes their rights to a family life, their right to marry and constitutes discrimination", according to the Daily Mail.

Rashida Chapti has been travelling between India and Leicester for 15 years.

The rule came into force in November 2010. It says English language is a primary requirement for migrants applying to come or stay in Britain as a spouse.

Manjit Gill, representing the couple, told the Birmingham court the requirement was a breach of their human rights.

He said it contravenes several articles of the European Convention on Human Rights - including the right to family life, the right to marry, and to be free of discrimination.

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