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You may have an education plan in mind that can help you land your dream IT job. While Western International University degree programs can help you get the right information you need to succeed in an internet technology career, your first step is to tackle the interview. But how does one go about getting to an interview? The answer is simple: having the right CV.

What is a CV?

A curriculum vitae, better known as a CV, is a piece of paper that describes your history in the profession you’re applying for. Not only does this include any direct experience you have in the field, but it also includes your education background. Depending on the length of your work experience, you may choose to put more emphasis on your education. This is especially the case if you are new to the field and are applying for entry-level positions.

Components for an IT Job

While a good CV is important for any job, you have to make sure it is appropriate for the job you’re looking for. In the case of the IT industry, you must make sure that your CV highlights your educational background in the field, as well as any direct work experience you might have. Think carefully about your work details, as you will want to highlight every bit of related credentials that will help you land the interview.

When building an IT CV, you should also consider other components, such as certifications. You should also indicate that your willingness to keep up with the industry in the form of future certifications. If your credentials create a longer list than one page will allow for, feel free to do so—while you want to keep your CV to the point, you also need to make sure that you get the right information on it, too.

Distributing Your CV

Once you have a solid IT CV, you should determine the best places to distribute the information. Before graduation, you should already have an idea of what type of job you want. You may also want to decide whether you want to work out in the field or at a support desk, as this can impact your overall career objective.

You can look for job openings:

  • Online
  • In the newspaper
  • On campus
  • By asking a company in person

Interview Preparation

The real goal of a CV is to get you to the job interview. An interviewer certainly won’t call you back if your CV is in bad shape. If you get the call, this means that means you have built a solid CV and you should be proud of yourself. Still, the work isn’t over yet, as you still need to ace the interview. By keeping your experience and education in check, you can get across your credentials to your potential employer. Add a genuine personality to that, and then you may just land yourself the IT job of your dreams.

Jessica is a full-time editor currently considering an online degree program. Feel free to follow her on Twitter.

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