My English is not well - Role of proofreaders

Here are some of the main skills and techniques that proofreaders require to do their work. Proofreaders need to:
  • Scrutinise documents in minute detail in order to identify errors
  • Identify the common proof errors that are often missed by writers and editors
  • Use a structured proofreading process to ensure error-free copy
  • Mark up copy using the classic proofreading correction marks
  • Proofread long documents patiently and without losing concentration
  • Spot and correct mistakes in grammar and punctuation
  • Spot and correct errors in capitalisation and hyphenation
  • Recognise a wide range of words and identify when they are used or spelled wrongly
  • Use agreed (or house) style rules to ensure consistency
  • Judge when to change something and when to leave it as it is
  • Query decisively and effectively when there may be an ambiguity in the text.

Do you have any tips or techniques for effective proofreading?

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