Question Mark? Simple yet powerful punctuation

"It was all going good. She was happy with her life. Her life which wasn’t really eventful. It was guided by a routine — wake up in the morning, household work, office work, back to home, have dinner and sleep. Pretty much a life which everyone of us experiences. She has been into this routine from last 4 years. Nothing changed much except couple of holidays and a job change. New job too became a routine for her in a month. Now its been two years, she was stable in her job and family front too was at peace. Life was absolutely stable. Never did she complain about anything or ask for anything more or anything less.

Then the time changed. One day, she was asked to leave from the office. The management decided to cut down on human resources for some reason which employees never came to know. She cold just speculate but there wasn’t any stated reason. May be she could have figured it out discussing with the management but it would not have benefited as the management’s decision was final. With a confused mind she drove back to home. From tomorrow morning there was going to be a 10 hour long void in her life every single day."

Her ‘no questions about life’ policy didn’t seem to be working this time. She kept mum for few days. She tried to enjoy with her family and friends after long. But her enjoyment lasted only for few days. Again the void appeared and this time with the boredom. Her entire day was freezing after 11 am as if a flowing stream abruptly collapsed against a giant rock. She tried to adjust to her new avatar for few days but soon her blank mind was unable to be in the blackness. How much ever she resisted, mind wasn’t giving up. It started playing games with her and then she ‘questioned about life’ for the first time.

She knew it’s of no worth raising questions on the past but now, she wanted to question about her present and future. “What am I doing? Why on earth I am feeling bored? Is there anything that I can do? Is there anyone to talk to? Is there someone who needs my time? Is there anyone who values me? Is there a purpose to my life? Can I do something meaningful? What is meaningful for me? Was there a divine purpose in whatever happened? Should I be thinking about this at all?

She felt frustrated with her questions. This was the first time in her life when a driving force lied inside her. Otherwise there was a mechanical force which drove her day for last so many years. She felt weird every moment when her mind bugged her with questions. But how to handle this state of mind? Is there a solution or it will just drive her crazy? She, still being in a complete denial for moving on in life, ignored this very inner force. But for how much time can she be able to ignore the driving force?

Till the time questions didn’t ignite her desire to take charge of her life. Yes. She has to answer the fire burning within her. Her boredom soon took a shape of existential questions. She started finding a purpose of her life. Was she able to find a purpose or was she confused about what to do in life? Did she find an answer to the burning fire? Did she come to know meaning of her life?

Infinite questions and finite answers!

Important was the ignition. Once the fire ignites, no human can be idle. They are bound to answer the fire. We all are slaves of our habits or routines and we find no gap to do something new. We don’t really push our limits and try to be comfortable in our shoes. When the life starts throwing questions at us, we then realize that “we are not our habit or the routine”. We are humans — creatures who have active brain, emotions and most importantly, the intelligence.

Life appears smooth when there’s continuity but a question mark appears when the continuity breaks. We then start to realize “this is our life, this is the story we are writing on our page”. And then the mind starts such a fundamental process which is obvious for the mind but not for you… Thinking!
A question mark in our story makes that gap which allows air to flow, which allows time to stop and the mind to think. Is there a purpose? Is there something more to my life?

What is truly important is whether you understand that you need to be open when you are experiencing life. You should keep an open mind to all of the possibilities that life offers us because many people do not have that same luxury.

Sometimes the most exciting things that happen to us are the things we don't see coming. And other times the saddest things that happen to us are the things we don't see coming either. We have a 50/50 chance every day. It's how we prepare ourselves for them, and deal with them when they happen that really matters.

Frustration appears obvious but notice, notice that you are allowing something new, something fresh to breathe. And when you seek for the answer, you are allowing your mind to bathe; to be fresh, to be free from the old and rusty outfits. To feel new; to be born again!
Just believe that,

  • You are enough
  • You have influence
  • You are a genius
  • You have a contribution to make
  • You have a gift to give, that others need
  • You are the change
  • Your actions define your impact
  • You matter.

"A question mark is the most important punctuation of the life." Because that’s when we revive ourselves. This is mind’s time to rejuvenate! Life is welcoming you with a new hello… If only,you are ready to say one goodbye… If only you respond to your inner self.. the question mark.
It’s a symbol of possibilities. It’s a symbol of seeking something truly. It’s a symbol of progressing in life. It tells us, “Listen, you are moving forward. You can explore the world. You can experience something new. Instead of routine, you can choose a life too!”

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