MBA v/s MIM v/s MA in Management: Know the Difference

For years, the MBA was a synonym to management, however, with time businesses felt the need for a specialized field of knowledge rather than general management. For those who want to give their career a boost, but wondering which management course would be ideal for them. A new degree MIM has emerged. In this article, we will inform you what is the difference between MBA, MIM, and MSc in Management. At first, both MIM and MBA looks quite similar, however, there is a huge difference between the two. Here, we want to clarify that MIM, MSc in Management are two sides of the same coin, these two are similar courses. MIM is popular in Europe as MSc in Management. MIM or MSc in Management is designed for those who are starting their career or those with little work experience. Whereas an MBA is preferred by professionals with good work experience, say 4 or more years and looking for career development.

There are 3 types of management programs:

  • MBA: 2-year programs, need work experience.
  • MIM (Masters in Management): 2-year programs, do not need work experience.
  • MSc in Management or MA in Management: 1-year programs, does not need work experience.

During the last semester of MBA programs, students get to choose a specialized area of business.
Those who are planning to study in Europe:

  • MBA is a 2 or 1-year program for people with 3 and above years of experience. 
  • Requirement: GRE/GMAT with above-average academics as a standard requirement and minimum 60% in graduation.
  • MIM is a 2 years program, mainly government-supported. In Europe, this degree is highly recognized by the industry. This course is open for both fresher's and for those having up to 5 years of experience.
  • Requirement: GRE/GMAT and high academics with minimum 70% and above in graduation.
  • MSc in MGMT (Management): In this degree, candidates pursue a specialized course work. Further, it can be pursued by both fresher’s and experienced professionals. No GRE/GMAT required for pursuing MSc in Management.
  • Requirement: Standard academic requirement i.e. 60% in graduate studies.

Note: MIM is a more valued industry-accepted course in France for freshers than MSc in MGMT (management). Those who are ready to take a 2-year program and has an average of 2-3 years of work experience are suggested to pursue MIM over MBA.

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