Careers in Biology You May Not Know About

Biology is the study of living things, which includes plants as well as animals. If you are currently enrolled in a biology degree program or thinking of pursuing a degree in this area of study, you will need to have some idea of what kind of work you want to do after graduation.

The jobs listed here are just a few of the jobs in the field of biology. Not all who are interested in studying biology attend classes on campus and online learning has become an increasingly attractive choice for students. This type of program allows students to continue their education without having to take time away from work or caring for young children to do so. For more information about this type of degree program, visit Online Biology

There are a number of careers in biology which you may not know about, and all of them are worth considering.
  • Medical Illustrator – Medical illustrators are specialized artists who work on images which may be used in advertising or in trade journals. These images may also be prepared for use on websites, in patient education materials, or in museums.
    All people working in this field must have an in-depth knowledge of biology and anatomy. An eye for detail and a good level of artistic ability are required for success in this field. If you are interested in becoming a medical illustrator, you can learn more about the education required by visiting The Association of Medical Illustrators website.
  • Winemaker – Expert winemakers have specialized knowledge in enology (the study of winemaking) and viticulture (the study of grape growing). Degree programs are offered by some universities to prepare students for work in this field. Students are enrolled in courses focusing on wine evaluation techniques, wine microbiology, and winery equipment.
  • Fish and Game Warden – Fish and game wardens are peace officers who enforce the law as it pertains to hunting and fishing regulations. They also enforce federal laws governing the operation of watercraft. If necessary, fish and game wardens seize game or fish illegally taken by hunters and anglers.
    A four-year degree in biology can help you qualify for this type of career. You will still need to meet the other qualifications for this job, such as being older than 21 years of age, a licensed driver, and having a clean criminal record.
  • Ethnobotanist – Ethnobotanists look at how people in different cultures use plants. They are experts in the ways a particular population uses plants for nourishment, medicinal purposes, and for making clothing. An ethnobotanist will also examine plants under a microscope and provide assistance to physicians by preparing reports about different types of plants.
  • Zookeeper – If your goal is to look after animals housed in zoos, aquariums, and animal parks, an undergraduate degree in Biology can help you qualify for this type of job. Some zookeepers are assigned to care for groups of animals, such as reptiles, mammals, or birds, while others specialize in a particular subgroup, like primates or snakes.

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