How to make the most of your train commute

More and more workers are commuting to work everyday with even more set to choose to commute to work on the train rather than driving thanks to rising petrol costs. So how can you make the most of this commute as well as surviving the journey? We’ve compiled some tips to help you to use your commute to your advantage.

Let me entertain you!
Got a smart phone? Then you’re pretty much set for your commute – a smart phone will provide hours of endless entertainment in the form of apps, games, music and videos. Train your brain with Sudoku and puzzle games to wake yourself up in the morning. If you fancy something a little easier, why not download your favourite TV programmmes onto your phone to watch during your commute, or a film for longer journeys.
Set your work emails up on your phone to check correspondence before you even get to the office, then you won’t have to waste your first hour at work with the menial task of reading all of your emails.
Tablet devices will allow you to do all of this, on a larger screen.

Book club for one!
A book or a tablet reading device is a must for most commuters, check up on best selling books and delve into a world of literature during your commute – you’ll find that your journey will seem much quicker when you’ve got a good book to read!

All work and no play!
How busy are you at work? Don’t look at your commute as an inconvenience; view it as a little extra work time, away from the office. Check out great laptop deals and purchase a laptop to use on the train. Most rail operators offer Wi-Fi that will allow you access to the Internet, but even if you can’t access the Internet you can type up notes from meetings, edit your spreadsheets and complete reports.
If you have access to the Internet during your journey, why not check out a selection of blogs, whether they of a professional interest or a personal interest

The best piece of advice we can give you to survive a train commute is to book your seat in advance! No one wants to stand or fight for a seat, so get your seat sorted before your journey.

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