Starting a New Job After Retirement - 3Gs

There is a job waiting for you - Get ready, Go and Get it!

Get ready
Similar to a fresher's job search, it is very important to prepare yourself for a job after your retirement. You need to recast your resume and get ready for your next job that should really the one that you like very much, that requires your skills and expertise.... Think on it, certainly you will find out your favorite job.

A kind inertia may be there with anyone or any matter. This would increase with age as well. Hence after getting ready, you must go and find your job - physically move or virtually through internet to search for your next position.

Get it
If you are in the right track with enough preparation, certainly you will get your new job that will be a time pass, fun, source of income and more...

For example, Jack Hansen works as an interpretive guide and law enforcement worker for the National Park Service. The National Park Service has a partnership with Western Dakota Technical Institute training plus 50 adults to become interpretive guides and park rangers. Hansen began giving tours for the National Park Service after he retired as a state trooper. "When I first started, I was not sure I could even do it," says Hansen, who admits giving tours for park visitors did not come easily to him. He's now been giving tours for 4 years. He finds his work rewarding and enjoys interacting with park visitors.....

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