The Various Careers Within Driving

If you are looking for a new career then one industry you might like to consider is driving. There is a massive range of driving jobs available right across the country and there are even some international opportunities available, depending on the kind of driving work you get into.

It’s worth bearing in mind that some driving jobs require you to have a special license and so some training may be necessary, but as long as you have a regular driving license, you’ll have a good place to start. Read on to find out about some of the most popular careers within driving.

HGV/LGV driver
One of the best known and most popular driving jobs is to be an HGV/LGV driver. For this, you will need to have a special HGV license to prove you know how to handle large articulated lorries and other vehicles. Many companies use HGV drivers so there is a wide range of opportunities; whether you’re looking for jobs in Leeds or anywhere else in the country, you’re more than likely to find quite a lot of HGV/LGV vacancies.

You could also be a courier, who is someone who delivers packages to places. For instance, some companies employ couriers to take important documents to their clients to make sure they stay safe. Couriers often drive motorbikes as this allows for greater manoeuvrability when driving through a busy area, but cars and vans are also used depending on the type of deliveries you’re asked to do.

Being a chauffeur is another popular driving job. If you look for driving jobs in London, you could find yourself driving people to parties in nice cars or even ferrying about the rich and famous. Some people also have personal drivers, so you might look into the possibilities in that area. Linked to this is being a taxi driver; arguably this is one the most popular driving jobs of all as from black cabs to minicabs, there is a high level of demand for taxis right across the country.

Removals is another common area to look for a driving career; many companies base their entire business around the idea of removals. Often this involves house removals; collecting possessions from one house and delivering them to another when someone is moving. It could also involve transferring items into storage or getting involved in deliveries for retail companies.

Whichever driving job you get into, there are plenty of career opportunities so it’s certainly a worthwhile sector to investigate when you’re searching for a job.