Working Beyond Retirement in Singapore

The Retirement Age (RA) Act covers all employees who are Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents, including those in managerial, professional and executive positions.

The minimum age of retirement is 62 years.

An employer can continue employing a worker beyond age 62. The RA Act only prescribes the retirement age whereby employers can retire their employees without contravening the Act.

The Act does not legislate compulsory retirement; neither does it prohibit an employee from continuing employment beyond the statutory retirement age.

Employees above age 62 are not covered by the RA Act, regardless of whether they are employed on a contract or tenure basis. Thus, any extensions in an employee's employment beyond age 62 will be based on mutual agreement between the employer and employee.

Some categories of employees are exempted from the Act's coverage. These include persons employed to work on a specific project for a fixed term. The full list of employees exempted from the Act's coverage can be found under the Retirement Age (Exemption) Notification.

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