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A video resume is a way for job seekers to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume. The video resume allows prospective employers to see, hear and get a feel for how the applicant presents themselves. Video resumes (or Video CV in UK terminology) were first introduced in the 1980s for use and distribution via VHS tape, but the idea never took off beyond the video taping of interviews. However, with the modern capabilities of transmitting streaming video via the internet, video resumes have taken on new popularity.

But most recruiters feel that a video alone does not give an employer enough information about a candidate to make a proper evaluation of the applicant’s potential and more importantly skills.

With the rise in video-hosting sites like YouTube and broadband Internet usage, video résumés are becoming more popular. Several sites have been created for video resume hosting. Support for video resumes is growing as more complete solutions evolve. Video overlay is a new trend in video resumes. With this technology, applicants can present themselves in a brief introduction video that is layered in front of their resume.

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