Call of the heart often push career changes in mid-life

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Circumstances and the call of the heart often push career changes in mid-life, forcing professionals to make life-altering decisions. Finding our passion, while it may seem difficult, is not impossible.

'We need to pay close attention to ourselves, our minds and the things that catch our attention constantly. But the most difficult thing about passion is to be able to put it in an organised manner that will fit neatly in our lives,' says writer, teacher and management honcho K. Rajeshwari in her book, 'My Life; My Choice: Mid Life Career Choices'.

Rajeshwari chronicles the lives 10 dare-devils who gave up lucrative professions to listen to their heart. 'It requires enormous courage and self-belief to walk away from all of these and say I want to do something else,' the writer, a graduate of IIM-Ahmedabad, said.

Says former diplomat-writer and member of parliament Shashi Tharoor, who switched vocations several times in life as a UN official, writer, consultant, minister and a member of the Lok Sabha: 'It is important for us to be aware the kind of choices people make in their career can change dramatically in mid-point of their lives.'   follow via Twitter @ShashiTharoor

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