Of 193 nations, UK has visa-free access to 166

In latest visa restriction index rankings, out of 193 countries surveyed in 2010, United Kingdom topped the list with Britons having visa-free access for up to three days to the largest number of countries — 166.

Henley & Partners, a firm that specialises in international immigration, consular and citizenship law, analyses visa regulations of a large number of countries in the world every two years to bring out the visa restriction index. The index ranks a country according to the international travel freedom of its citizens or the number of countries their citizens have visa-free access to.

According to the index, the British have the fewest visa restrictions as they can stay in 166 destinations for at least three days for business or pleasure without a visa. US citizens have similar visa-free access to just 159 countries. Scandinavian countries too have done pretty well on the index along with several other European countries such as France and Germany. Indians have visa-free access to 50 countries.

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