All schools should have alumni careers service

Future First petitions the government after its survey shows students would like careers advice from alums and millions of alums would be happy to give it.

Every school in the UK should have an alumni careers service, Future First is petitioning the government after evidence released in its national survey this week.

Future First is a social business that works to improve careers advice in UK schools by bringing former students back to their old schools and colleges to inspire, advise and guide current pupils.

According to the organisation's survey, the vast majority (91%) of young people at state schools would like their careers advice to be delivered via an alumni model.

Furthermore, over 10 million British adults say they would like to go back into their former school to speak about their career to young people.

The Future First report into social mobility, careers advice and alumni networks also found that 45% of young people receiving free school meals do not know anyone in a job that they would like to do. Future First has made it its challenge is to reduce this inequality to insignificance within a generation.

The report comes as the result of a survey of 510 16- to 19-year-olds on their views on their current careers advice, as well as 1,033 UK adults between on their views about the careers advice they had received while at school and how that advice had helped them develop their subsequent career.


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