‘tech mistakes’ you must avoid while working from home

With more and more people starting to work from their homes to fight the spread of corona virus disease, it is important not to forget basic work etiquettes. Like attending office daily, working from home too demands discipline and responsibility. As your employer is trusting you with a lot of data and critical information, you just can’t be careless about how you work or do anything that embarasses your brand.

1. Not using a VPN service to protect your home internet connection can be dangerous

As more people are working from home, hackers are now targeting home networks to lockdown office systems with ransomware. It is highly recommended that you choose a VPN service to protect your home network from hackers.

2. Not locking your office laptop when you are away

Always remember to lock your system when you are not working as the last thing you would want is your kids sending a random email to your boss or turning on a video chat with a colleague.

3. Stop using the same internet browser for office work and personal internet surfing

Don’t use the same browser for personal internet surfing while working on the same system. This may lead to embarrassing search results and ads once you join office back.

4. Don’t share photos of your workstation at home on social media

Sharing photos of your home workstation on social media may create serious problems as most employers have strict policies against publicly revealing photos of office work or systems. Also, you could mistakenly reveal important information that is there on your laptop screen in the photo that you have shared online.

5. Don’t reveal details about work from home on social media
When chatting or commenting on social media, refrain from discussing work or posting work-related jokes and comments. These may not be appreciated.

6. Don’t share your office laptop with spouse who works in a different company

Always use your own laptop to work and do not allow your spouse or kids to work on your office system for whatever reasons

7. Don’t mix personal files and data with work files on your system

It is highly recommended that you separate your work folder from your personal folders. Also, it is advisable not to save personal files on your office computer as there are chances that your company’s IT department might have the permissions to look through.

8. Stop using personal social media account on the same browser while working

If you are a social media manager, then the worst mistake you can do is to use your personal accounts at the same time while working. There are a lot of instances where social media managers have mistakenly liked or commented on something from the official company handle causing much embarrassment both for the brand as well as for themselves.

9. Don’t save official work on personal Google Drive or email accounts

Saving official work in your personal accounts may lead to accidental data leaks. This can have dangerous consequences both for you as well as for the company.