Difference between Research Paper and Journal Article

Research Paper

  • A research paper is a form of writing, usually used in the world of academia by students in colleges or universities assigned to investigate and research a topic, in which they find their conclusion. 
  • The student is encouraged and often required to support their findings with facts from reputable sources. 
  • A typical research paper can range anywhere from 5-15 pages in total length.
  • A student’s work will organize in the structure after compiling all the appropriate information from sources. 
  • Instructors often do this to teach the student balance in their writing skills, while encouraging structural discipline and accepted formatting.
  • Research papers take the original information of the topic, and after gathering the data from the investigative stage, the student sums it up with clear and concise analysis and disposition or thesis. 
  • Indeed, most research papers feature a thesis statement from the assigned topic.
  • Research paper won’t warrant as extensive of a reference list. 
  • A research paper may offer a thesis, but it’s not quite as in-depth. 
  • The structure in communicating the research will look different than that of a research paper, which may include double spacing and indenting. 
  • Research paper isn’t authored to present original research, but rather to show empirical data.
  •  The research paper will have the student’s name, class, date, and instructor all in the left corner of the paper, while the title is centered.

Journal Article
  • Journal article is an article that is written about a very specific topic.  
  • You’ll typically see a journal article authored by an expert in some field written by another expert in the same respective field. This kind of writing is also called “peer reviews.” 
  • A journal article is a short paper on a particular topic that gets mainly published in issues or periodicals. 
  • It will often include up to date research on that subject, including recent developments, reviews on a method or product, short papers previewing ideas.
  • Journal articles get published in a publication after extensive research in that corresponding field has been done. 
  • Publication Manual calls journal articles a way to categorize primary literature or review articles.
  • Most often in a journal article, a reader can expect to find an extensive bibliography.
  • Journal article will explain to the reader of its original findings. 
  • A journal article could be 15 pages, but often it isn’t. 
  • The journal article will have the title of the work at the top and center. 
  • The author/s names will be below, and the format will follow much as a magazine article would.