6 points to keep in mind before applying for a “freshers” job

In the fast-paced world of today, there is no place for slack. The economic growth of the country has taken a turn; aiding the generation of numerable job opportunities. What could be a sign to make merry for freshers, could also turn into a disaster without the correct know-how.

Several companies in the IT, manufacturing, healthcare, and banking sectors have come up with new business plans, which are generating vacancies by the number. Students are normally seen queueing up to apply and the frenzy around “getting a job” is massive.

These students are very enthusiastic about the idea of working, but when it comes to the application process, very few have the correct knowledge and most just approach the companies, hand in their poorly constructed resumes, and walk back out.

They may have great potential and could possibly be hired on the basis of their relative experience at school and the education attained thereafter. However, mistakes are common, making effective preparation before taking the plunge a necessity.

Here are some pointers that a newbie must keep in mind before applying for a job:

1. Adequate research

Conducting proper research about the company is very important. This is a step which most freshers do not take seriously. One of the common questions asked in an interview is, “So what do you know about this company”. Most students give a vague or elusive reply, which reflects poorly on their passion to join the company.

Normally an interviewer has to go through umpteen numbers of candidates in a day. He/she has no time to update the interviewee about the companies’ profile. No one expects you to memorize the institutions annual reports, but a general knowledge about the working and products of the organization is very helpful. You should know enough to convince the employer that you are genuinely interested in working with them. 

2. Have a crisp and customized resume

Presentation of your resume is very important. When receiving a large number of applications, no company has the time to read through large winding paragraphs to understand your potential.
A resume should be short and crisp, containing only the important and relevant information. Make a fantastic, formal resume and proofread it thoroughly before applying.

Always highlight the skills that the job specifically requires. Read up about the job profile and customize your resume accordingly. This will help your resume stand-out and improve your chances of getting selected.

3. Confidence in your introduction

Introduce yourself with panache. Keep the verbose short and interesting. The interviewer may not have enough time to listen to lengthy speeches about your apparent achievements. Stick to your strengths and talk about your personality in ways that will benefit the organization if they hire you.
Do not take stress when applying for a job. Take your time and do it carefully
If you have not achieved much at school or college level, talk about any incident which left an impression on your life or talk about how you can add value to the smooth functioning of the company. Do not make clichéd generic statements like “I am a passionate person” or “I am very sincere and hardworking”.
Do not take stress when applying for a job. Take your time and do it carefully.

4.  Stick to your strengths

Fresher’s applying for a job directly after school or college have no work experience. Hence they cannot be tested on the same. In such a situation, focus on any achievement you attained at school/college level. This could be in the form of a project, or you being a part of the student council which talks about leadership qualities.

Also, do not embellish or hype anything in your resume. You could be expected to give a proof of the same if selected, or worse, asked detailed questions about it during the interview, to which you would probably have no answer to.

5. Act like a professional

The fact that you are just out of school or college does not give you the liberty to make a complete fool out of yourself in front of the employer.

Dress immaculately in formal attire, look sharp, and conduct yourself with grace and poise. Behave professionally, and you will surely receive the accolades that you deserve.

6. Be active, online

Being active on social media platforms has become a necessary mandate these days. An interviewer may not be able to gather sufficient information about you in one interview, and might just look you up online.

For this reason, maintain a profile on LinkedIn and twitter. LinkedIn has just declared the opening of another portal CheckIn, which will help organisations get more information about the candidates when hiring.

Do not boast about yourself on any of these portals, also, do not update anything inappropriate which might just work against you. Do a basic clean-up of all your online profiles. Make sure you delete any unsuitable pictures or posts which might cause hindrance in landing the job.

Recommendations from college professors and project guides will add credibility to your profile.

All the best!

Author Bio: Tina Jindal is a professional content writer who works on a variety of topics like employment, real estate, and education. She has been involved with renowned publications and has tried her hand at editing works on Cookery, Gardening, Pregnancy, and Healthcare. She loves to travel and is crazy about dogs. You can contact her at tinajindal@gmail.com