Challenges and benefits in a nursing career

For an individual going through any health problem, it is quite challenging to perform daily chores of work. There is certainly a requirement of someone who can take care and help in smooth movement of daily work. It is quite witnessed that, for a person who goes through physical or mental problem, taking care of them is quite challenging and which is not always possible for a family member. So during such situation, hiring a nurse is the best decision that you can go for. A professional nurse helps in every walk of life and helps during tough times when patients face health issue.

Nurse career does not limit to hospital work, but also work for healthy business, corporate office and even for the care of ill person. They are also hired in doctor’s office, clinics, schools, corporate office etc. So they are trained accordingly. In other words, nurses are involved in every aspect of life, and help people in settling their life comfortably.

As said, nurses don’t limit their work to hospitals, but also work in insurance companies to check whether the applicants receive right coverage. Similarly, they are hired as educators for employees in organization and patients in health. They are trained well to work under pressure and provide the best alternative for better mental and health condition. A professional nurse has the ability to work confidently and independently. They are trained to perform multi-tasking work which is challenging but are handled well.  They are just given orders by seniors, and are expected to fulfill the job without seeking any help from senior.

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Education of a Nurse involves both theoretical and practical training. Depending upon the country of residence, colleges offer full time or part courses. To be a successful nursing care professional, selection of the best college is important.

Women as Nurse:

Nurse work is largely taken up by women, who are born with special skills of taking multiple responsibilities and completing it smoothly. Over the years, they are well flourished and trained to take up the challenge and face it at any situation. Women are known for their compassion nature and understand the emotional aspect of illness. Today, 90% of women take up nursing as career and are quite successful.  Moreover, with the growing salary stage and other benefits induces aspiring young women to take nursing as profession.

The best time they are in need is during the pregnancy and after delivery period. They know how a going-to-be mother should be taken care of. Also once the delivery takes place, they naturally take care of new born, so that the mother doesn’t take any stress.

When consider nurse, one should be aware that the profession demands time and patience. Moreover, one should be ready to face emotional and professional demands. However, this is a part of the profession and the individual are trained to face such situations.

Like every profession has its own benefits and challenges, nursing profession too has the same:

Benefits of being a Nurse:

Nursing is known as the Noble Profession because nurses selflessly give their time and care to the person in need. They are needed when the person goes through the tough time. But this also gives them equal respect as Doctor and problem healer. The best part of being a nurse is the job security and is also well-paid profession. Moreover, it demands travelling to different places, either with team or alone. This certainly helps them to meet different types of people. Even if the job prospects are bleak in other profession, the profession of healthcare provider remains intact.

There is a personal and professional fulfillment which is beneficial for long term. It is one of those jobs that can be passed on to the next generation. The career is filled with opportunities to teach new nurses. In fact, many even turn into teaching and training other aspiring nurses.

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One of the major benefits of being into nurse as a career is they have varied choices, by taking up job in hospital or outside the hospital. It depends on the ability and interest towards the profession one has.

Another major benefit of being a nurse is to contribute towards the betterment of the society. It is the best way to help a personal who goes thorough mental and health problem and helping to come over it.

Challenges in Nursing Career:

As mentioned above every profession has its own benefits and challenges, nursing too have its own challenges.

Pressure of Work: This is the major challenge that one has to face during the course of profession. You may need work round the clock with different patients or the one who is seriously ill. It can be psychologically draining too, as you may experience emotional touch with the person being treated. Moreover, you need to constantly keep an eye on the patient to avoid any problem.

Disrespect from Peers: There are few cases where nurses have face rude behaviors from colleagues and senior, also from patients taking care of. According to one study, 70% of nurses have revealed that their fellow colleagues and senior managers were rude and unsupportive. In another study, 60% of nurses quit their job after few months due to hostile environment.

Odd Working Hours: Similar to doctors, nurse doesn’t have any specific timing, but can have extended working hours. However, it is not in other nursing areas. Due to unavailability of colleague, nurse may have to extend her working hours.

Have to Face all type of Patients: This is the biggest challenge that a nurse has to face. The patient can be critical at times and can be rude; sometimes the situation can be out of control. But the nurse has to keep patience and should know to handle the situation with a cool head.
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The Conclusion:

No profession offers a peaceful job situation, every job has its own challenges and benefit which needs to be analyzed and work on it. Having well- trained, qualified and experience in nursing job will allow you to settle for long term. Moreover, with the improvement in the healthcare industry, there are many more opportunities for aspiring nurses taking up this profession. Once you understand these in and out, you will feel this profession as an excellent choice.

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