Career opportunities at Bahrain

In this world of reality, each and every individual engages himself/herself in career opportunity in order to earn a living. However there are other individuals who engage themselves in a job opportunity for pleasure.

The capability of the country to provide job opportunities to people depends on the economy of that country. The more the country is developed the more the job opportunities available to the people living in that country.

Bahrain is a country in the Middle East with a very stable economy which has been boosted by tourism sites such as Manama Souq, which is the best shopping mall in the whole of Middle East and also the marketing industry itself. Due to this stable economy of Bahrain, there are many career opportunities which citizens of this country engage in. The following are career opportunities in Bahrain;

Chief executive officer- You can apply to be chief executive officer in the company of D3 consultants if you are PHD holder or relevant master's degree holder. This career opportunity is to the learned individuals. The experience required in order to qualify for this job is 10 to 15 years of work in a recognized company. If you qualify for this job you are given an attractive tax free package.

Dean for University- Bahrain has many and well known universities. These universities need deans. You must be a PHD holder or have relevant master's degree or a professor.15 year of working experience is needed in order to qualify for the same job.

Aftersales Supervisor- You can be an after sales Supervisor in FAMCO which is a market leading supplier of products and services to different industries and commercial sectors covering for example transportation and construction industries. The aim of this job is to sell all aftermarket products for construction equipment. You are also entitled responsibility to sell spare parts and other aftermarket products.

Sales engineer- In this FAMCO Company you can also apply to be a sales engineer where your main work is to explore and convert new business opportunities into sales and also to discover new segments.

Medical Representative- In any country, health is given priority. You can apply to be a medical representative where by your main responsibility will be to conduct ongoing market analysis and being able to understand customers and market insights in order to ensure proper achievement of both long-term and short-term projects.

Teaching- There are so many secondary and primary schools in Bahrain. These schools need teachers in order to run smoothly. For that reason, the government of Bahrain employs teachers to do the very job.

Store manager- You can also be a store manager to many companies such as Va Va Voom. To qualify for the same job you should have proven store management experience and also good skills in English. The role of store manager is to maximize store contribution by increasing sales.

Graduate marine engineer- This job opportunity requires you to have a minimum of three years of experience in marine works. Apply Bahrain Visas prior to travelling to Bahrain to enjoy these different career opportunities.