JSPS-NSF International Collaborations in Chemistry (ICC)

JSPS-NSF International Collaborations in Chemistry (ICC): How to apply

Application Procedure

This program has a two-step screening process.
(1) 'Preliminary Proposals': Preliminary screening process is conducted only on the NSF side, so Japanese Principle Investigators (PIs) need not submit a 'Preliminary Proposal' to JSPS.

Japanese researchers who wish to apply for this program are to contact their counterpart American researchers to make sure that they submit preliminary proposals to NSF.

For further details, Click here (NSF)

NSF will inform the American PIs of the preliminary screening results around early December. JSPS will contact only the Japanese PIs whose proposals are successful. Only the proposals that pass NSF's preliminary screening may apply to both JSPS and NSF as Full Proposals. 

(2) 'Full Proposals': Japanese PIs whose counterpart US PIs' preliminary proposals have been accepted by NSF should submit their full proposals to JSPS. 

Although application forms for full proposals differ in format between NSF and JSPS, the contents of the two proposals submitted to NSF and JSPS by a research group should be the same. If the contents of the two proposals are found to be different, screening or selection of the project may be cancelled.

JSPS and NSF will inform the Japanese/American PIs respectively of the full screening results.


1 Aug 2012Closing for accepting preliminary proposals (only on NSF side)
Around Sep 2012Notify preliminary screening results
21 Sep 2012Start accepting full proposals
16 Oct 2012Stop accepting full proposals
April 2013Notify screening results
Before Sep 2013Start project
*JSPS receives applications via its on-line application system. For details, please refer to the following webpage: (only in Japanese)

Application guidelines/forms

FY2013 Call for ProposalsPDF
Application form(Japanese only)WOR
*Supplementary document:
Japanese PIs are to submit the following supplementary document to JSPS:
- A full version of the American PI's application (full proposal) to NSF

Selection Procedure

At JSPS, the screening process is conducted in two stages: A document review by referees and a panel review that decides which proposals to refer to NSF. JSPS and NSF then make the final selection jointly.

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