Sectors of Growth in the Job Market

It can often seem as though there are no jobs out there, especially in the wake of the recent recession. While it is true to say that hunting for a job is harder now for many than it might have been a few years ago, there are definitely still signs of hope and many sectors where the job opportunities are growing.

The UK job market stayed relatively static over the past year, with figures for the second quarter of 2011 roughly corresponding with those for the same period in 2010. This might seem disheartening, but there have been quite a few areas of growth and so people who are currently looking for jobs might want to consider extending their searches to incorporate a wider range of sectors in order to give themselves the best possible chance of finding suitable employment.

For instance, construction jobs are up by 22% year on year and they were up by 1% on quarter 1 of 2011, suggesting that growth in the sector is still continuing. This could be good news for quite a large number of job hunters, especially as construction is a diverse field and so it looks to employ a wide variety of people, depending on the location, company and project involved.

Another area that grew was the aerospace industry. The Barometer Survey, which began in 2009 to report on trends in the job market, found that aerospace jobs were up by a massive 22% year on year to a level never before seen on the survey. This also amounts to a 1% increase on Q1 2011 figures, and suggests that if you have the necessary skills to make a career in aerospace, now is definitely a very good time to be job hunting within that sector.

There was also good news from the area of electronics, which reported a 20% year on year increase, although the figures were down 11% in Q2 2011 in comparison to the record figures in the last quarter. However, the general growth in the sector is still a good sign. Also, engineering jobs are significantly up year on year, by as much as 20%. This is the second largest sector in the UK and it has now grown to record levels in Q2 2011, up slightly on the previous quarter.

All of this shows that there is definitely still considerable life in the economy as well as jobseekers can still look for jobs north east or many other places within growing sectors of industry.

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