Working and living in Denmark

Many companies are characterized by an open dialogue between employees and management. Danish business culture is quite informal, and in comparison to other countries we do not have very hierarchical structures. Thus, you find a fairly relaxed atmosphere in Danish work places – somewhat like you may already have experienced at DTU in your relations with your teachers.

Most tasks in Danish companies are performed through cooperation between colleagues and departments. Team work is very important in the Danish job market.

Danes also tend to get more out of their working lives than just work: many companies have a cultural club, a sports club and a couple of social events a year for their employees (Christmas lunch and a summer outing).

Equal opportunities
In Denmark, women have the same career opportunities as men. As for equality of wages the level is by law required to be equal for men and women performing the same job. Employers are not allowed to refuse applicants on grounds of gender, religion, race or sexual preferences.

Some useful information
Many things will be new to you if you choose to stay in Denmark. Some things you may already have come across while taking your Msc. in Denmark. But you may well find useful information on these websites:
This site contains information about social security, taxes, living expenses and much else.
A website written by and for expats, it contains lots of information about settling and working in Denmark.

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