Career Advice for Event Management Graduates!

Event management has emerged as a promising career domain, especially in the last couple of decades. Considering the need of time, many acclaimed universities, institutes, and colleges are offering specialised degrees, diplomas and certificate courses in the event management discipline.

Here is some essential career advice for the current students and fresh graduates to make it convenient for them to pursue a promising career in event management.

Add Variety to Your Experience Portfolio

The biggest obstacle you can self-impose on your career is to limit yourself to a specific niche in your domain, right at the beginning of your career, or even when you have not started it yet. Many fresh graduates tend to seek the event opportunities of a similar genre, to establish their forte. Being a currently-enrolled student or a fresh graduate holding a specialised degree in event management, you need to establish an extensive portfolio.

Sports events, corporate sessions, conferences and workshops, seminars, theatres, concerts, private parties, wedding functions, festive events, and organisational events – there are a variety of events that you can volunteer, during your studies. This will help you set up an impressive resume and you will have ample experience and expertise in hand by the time you graduate.

Establish Networks and Professional Relationships

Networking and quality relationships is the key to gradually sustain your place in the industry. From fellow students to your academic faculty and from your club members to the internship focal person – you might have to establish business partnership or event collaborations with them in future when you enter the professional domain. Keep your networking game strong right from the start and you will see how they bring you opportunities in future.

Pursue Professional Development and Growth

Event management is a dynamic field that is consistently changing, with the influx of new fads, ideas, trends, and strategies. Although the fresh event management graduate roles primarily revolve around pitching idea and suggestions, preparing feasibility reports and working under senior associates, seeking to learn specialised skills, and experimenting with your own ideas and strategies will strengthen and enhance your experience.

Seek Feedbacks and Reviews

Do not fear feedbacks. Seek feedbacks, analysis, and reviews on your projects and events that you have been a part of, from your faculty, trusted associates as well as the event attendees. Constructive criticism is the ultimate tool for improvement and allows you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses.

You might receive a lot of criticism and bad reviews, sometimes, for a setback or a major loop. However, rather than being dejected, take it as a challenge to overcome in your next attempt. This progressive approach will help you go a long way in your career.

Watch Out for the Trends

It is not a choice, but a compulsion upon you to keep an eye out for the prevalent trends and what’s new in the market. An analysis of your regional as well as global trends will help you identify where the winds of trends are heading for, allowing you to introduce groundbreaking ideas and be a trendsetter in the industry.