Coming to Australia by boat is not the way to gain Australian residency

The first group of asylum seekers subject to the Australian Government’s new Regional Settlement Arrangement (RSA) has been sent to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. 

This first transfer to Manus Island, which comprised Iranian, Afghan and Pakistani men, sends the clearest possible message that coming to Australia by boat is not the way to gain Australian residency. 

Under the new arrangement signed with PNG on 19 July 2013, unauthorised arrivals will be sent to PNG for assessment and, if found to be refugees, will be settled there. 

First transfer to Manus Island under the Regional Settlement Arrangement

The first group of 40 people have departed Christmas Island on July 31 for Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, formally bringing into effect the Regional Settlement Arrangement agreed on July 19.Refugee claims from the single adult men will be assessed under PNG law and, if found to be refugees, the men will be settled in PNG.This demonstrates that if you come to Australia by boat without a visa, you will not be settled here.Transfers to the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre will continue regularly.

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