Top Cities to Work in Australia

Want to work in Australia? Here are the top cities you could select.

Australia can offer many benefits and advantages of living in a multicultural society, can arguably offer great job opportunities, a better standard of living, as well as a variety of places to live in. Australia really can provide the perfect place to work in and start a family.

If you already have an Australian working visa and you are ready to go, you have to decide first as to where you will settle in Australia. Where will you be living? What are the characteristics of the place or city that you will be living in? If you haven’t come to a decision yet, then here is a list of the top cities to work in Australia.

Sydney. This is the most populated place in Sydney but it has made its way to the Top 10 Most Livable Cities in the World, according to The Economist.

Melbourne. This is the second largest city of Australia. This is where technology, logistics, transportation, as well as research and education center its operation.

Perth. This place also dominates the economy of the state. It is Australia’s resources and mining mecca because it is isolated from the other cities.

Adelaide. This is the country’s manufacturing and defense hub. It is interesting to note that more than half all the cars in Australia are manufactured in Adelaide considering that it has the General Motors Holden plant here.

Brisbane. Brisbane is the home of IT and financial institutions. In fact, it also has one of the most important ports of Australia.

Launceston. This is the regional agricultural and pastoral base in Australia. Though it is not the capital of Tasmania, it is one of Australia’s major tourist destinations.

Newcastle. This is both Australia’s and the world’s largest coal mining export port. However, it is still considered as a traditional industrial city.

Canberra. Canberra is the home of many Australian government officials being the capital of the nation. The software industry is booming in this city.

Gold Coast. If you want to see beaches and a sunny setting, then go to Gold Coast. It has an amazing skyline that will leave your breathless.

Townsville. This is the usual jump off point of people who are going on an excursion to the Great Barrier Reef.

From among these cities, you can now take your pick as to where you will want to spend your days in Australia under your Australian working visa. [See full post]

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