Employers add 5 000 jobs in first quarter

Employment in the formal non-agricultural sector rose marginally from the end of December last year to the end of March this year, according to Statistics SA.

Stats SA’s Quarterly Employment Statistics survey released yesterday shows the number of people employed in the formal non-agricultural sector grew by about 5 000 people, or 0.1 percent in this time. There were an estimated 8 379 000 employees at year-end and about 8 384 000 employees at the end of March.

Stats SA said the gross earnings paid to employees during the quarter to March amounted to R347.7 billion. This reflected a quarterly decrease of R17.6bn, or minus 4.8 percent, compared with the quarter to December.

The agency said: “The March 2012 Quarterly Employment Statistics survey shows that an estimated 8 384 000 people were employed in the formal non-agricultural of the South African economy.

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