What Jobs Can You Get During Christmas Time?

Traditionally, the period of time surrounding Christmas is a very good time to look for work. This is because the increased demand for services and products in the run up to Christmas and the sales that take place after it mean that more people are needed to deal with it. This leads to many companies taking on extra staff to complete the extra work and make sure their customers’ needs are met.

The retail sector is a very good example of this and if you are looking for a temporary Christmas job, it is an excellent place to start. With a wide variety of shops and businesses taking on extra employees, there is generally a good range of employment opportunities to choose from. Plus, one of the benefits of jobs in retail is that it is often a flexible way to work.

For instance, many Christmas retail jobs are part time so if you are looking for something to fit in around your children or other aspects of your life, you should be able to find a position to suit. Another benefit of retail work is that the vast majority of people are qualified to do it: as long as you have decent Maths and English GCSEs, there shouldn’t be any other qualifications you need (although previous retail experience can be a bonus if jobs are competitive).

There is also a wide variety of retail work available, from customer service to stock control and setting things up for post-Christmas sales. However, if you are unsure whether retail work is for you then another great place to look for a job over Christmas is the postal service. Royal Mail always take on extra staff over Christmas to account for the fact there is much more post than usual, caused by people online shopping and sending holiday greetings to each other.

If you get a job with Royal Mail, you could find yourself charged with sorting post so that it can be delivered – or even delivering the post yourself. Again, this means that there is a good selection of jobs available and thousands of extra workers are normally hired to deal with the work – so there are lots of opportunities for you to get a job.

You might also find that other sectors require extra staff over Christmas (such as charities carrying out Christmas fundraising campaigns), so it’s worthwhile applying for jobs in charities too.