Money Saving Tips for Backpackers

One of the most common ways of travelling the world on a budget is still considered to be backpacking. Highly popular amongst those looking to bridge the gap between leaving school and University or between University and employment, gap years still involve a number of costs however, shrewd saving and a little time spent planning your trip carefully can help save you a lot of money in the long run.

The obvious starting point for many is actually deciding the where they would like to visit and what route they would like to take. Part of this planning requires some thought about what activities you will be undertaking in each country as this will have a significant effect on the specific type of travel insurance is best to cover the trip as you will need to be covered for all eventualities. Although many consider travel insurance to be an expensive extra cost, there are special deals available for backpackers which help reduce costs such as annual travel insurance.

Money can also be saved by searching the internet for cheap one way flights, which is particularly useful if your intended destination is Europe.

Planning your itinerary carefully, particularly in knowing where you’re likely to be on which dates can help you save a fortune on accommodation especially if you decide to sign up to backpacker sites dedicated to couch surfing.

Such sites work on the basis where you are able to submit where and when you want to stay in a particular place, and for what duration, you are then matched up with households in that area which has agreed to provide free beds to travellers on the dates required. These schemes are usually perfect for the nomadic lifestyle of a backpacker as generally for no more than a couple of nights.

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