Social media marketing tips and tricks

Social media marketing (SMM) is an effective means of driving your brand, increasing click-rates and the most important of all, conversions. According to one study, social media referrals contribute to some 30% traffic on a site. If your traffic is less than this benchmark, you may want to revisit your social media marketing strategy.
All in all, a social media marketing campaign can benefit more than it can bring harm to your business. Here are some tips that will help you leverage social media marketing techniques for maximum efficiency i.e. growth and revenue:

Create tailor made tweets

Several tweets can happen in an instant. We all are aware of that and to be able to make your tweet stand out is not only difficult but takes creativity on our part. How then you get your message or brand to get noticed. The answer lies in using custom formatting.
Customized or formatted tweets will stand out amidst the clutter of hundreds and thousands of tweets. They easily capture user’s attention. How to achieve customization in your tweet? Use a unique font color or insert a line break. You can even include a new emoji or a fun symbol to make your brand more visible.

Write longer posts

Well, Twitter isn’t exactly the platform in this case for you. However, you can do so by utilizing the Google+ platform here. You can engage audiences with a conversation that allows you write longer posts.

Create Facebook groups

A recent survey has revealed that the organic reach of brands via Facebook pages is diminishing, entrepreneurs and marketers should instead divert their focus on the creation of Facebook groups. Managing groups have its own advantages as opposed to pages. A major advantage is that members will receive instant notifications about any updates

Insert embedded call-to-actions (CTAs)

CTAs can incite your audience. So add a little spice to your posts which will hook them towards you. It could be your routine Facebook posts but call-to-action buttons actually generate more leads. The higher the leads, the greater the likelihood for conversions.

Market across a wide variety of social platforms

The idea of marketing across various platforms means converting your Facebook fans into LinkedIn connections and those connections to Twitter followers or add them to Google+ circles. By constantly sharing on each social media site your brand’s recall is increased in the minds of your followers. It will continue to stay that way forever.

Develop meaningful connections

Your customers are a valuable asset. You can categorize people on the basis of their preference and as a result, facilitate these like-minded individuals to interact with each other more often through social media channels. Two things will come out of it; word of mouth marketing of your business and loyal customer base.

Crowdfund user-generated content

Employing crowd sourcing user content, you can put on display powerful illustrations. In liaison with platforms such as Pixlee, you can share moments where people have expressed their trust and attachment with your brand by way of visuals.

No harm being a little weird

Weird as in thinking out of the box or playing outside your comfort zone. Nothing has great ever come out by taking the safe route. Calculated risks have always proved to be worth a shot. Sure things can backfire but experimenting a little with your marketing approach will further cement trust of your followers and customers in your business.
Why? Primarily because they will admire your risk taking ability and appreciate your move while at the same time happily sharing it with others.

Take responsibility for your actions

Entrepreneurial thinking enables you to identify a bad apple among your customer base and distance your brand from him without having to feel sorry. If the customer is in the wrong and his actions can malign or bring bad to your business, it is wise to let him go.
Such an incident was reported in Adweek where Liberty Bottleworks firmly stood their ground and addressed a disgruntled customer. Their transparency in dealings with their customers and authenticity in products justified their stance.
The social media public can really break or make a business these days, however, in the case of Liberty Bottleworks, the public was all praises which led them to attract many new customers.

Don’t just ride the bandwagon

It may be that there is an issue which has garnered a lot of negative press but voicing your opinion in a positive manner or giving it a positive spin will do wonders for your brand. People following you on social media will realize that your brand has a way to find good things even in the worst of times.
This will add positively to your overall brand image as optimism is contagious and will resonate more with the public when your name pops anywhere.

Bio: Nancy Atkinson is a social media marketer by profession and writes on topics such as WordPress, social media, SEO tips etc. You can contact her for best assignment writing service by following her on the website.