US needs a comprehensive immigration reform: White House

The US needs a comprehensive reform system functional both for dealing with legal and illegal immigration in the country, the White House has said.

It refused to side with lawmakers who are seeking to put the ongoing reform on hold in the wake of the Boston marathon bombings.

"We need an effective comprehensive immigration system that is functional both for dealing with legal immigration, as well as dealing with the 11 million illegal immigrants who are in this country," the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said at his news conference yesterday.

"We believe that we need to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform for a whole host of reasons and the benefits that reform will provide to our country, to our economy, to our security," he said.

He said when asked about the questions being raised by some lawmakers on the need of an immigration reform in the aftermath of the Boston bombings in which two immigrant brothers from Chechnya were allegedly involved in the terrorist attack that killed three people and injured about 200.

"We agree with those coauthors of the legislation in the Senate who have made the point in recent days that enhancing our security is one of the reasons why we should press forward with comprehensive immigration reform," he said.

When asked about the Boston bombing suspects, Carney said the fact is that comprehensive immigration reform, as anybody who has looked into it and can attest, would enhance US security.

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