Why Student Travel can Help Bring Academic Subjects to Life


Experiencing a subject beyond the confines of the lecture theatre can help to bring it alive which means that university and college travel is an important part of the learning experience.

Whatever subject they're studying, students can see a boost in their learning by experiencing the subject matter at first hand away from the academic environment. An educational trip can help them see things in a different light and provide valuable practical learning that will show real benefits later in their course.

How Travel Can Aid Popular Subject Areas

Student travel tours have benefits for a wide selection of subject areas from art and design through business and history to zoology, a complete A-Z of academic subjects. Many courses benefit from the opportunity to examine their subject matter at first hand. For architecture and planning students for example it's invaluable to see how buildings fit into their environment. Cities like London demonstrate a mix of new and old often in close proximity.

Student travel tours to German cities help show how they've recovered, rebuilt and reinvented themselves in the aftermath of World War II whilst still retaining links to their heritage. Or how about Dubai? With its rapid growth and striking modern structures it's a vibrant example of architecture at work.

You might think that business and economics students destined for a life in offices wouldn't benefit so much from travel. In fact the opposite is true and there are plenty of opportunities to see business environments in operation. Even within the UK London is a global hub and visits to commodity exchanges or successful tourist attractions can help students relate to how to succeed in a fast moving commercial environment. European cities offer a similar range of experiences or further afield New York is one of the financial capitals of the world and a trip to Wall Street or the Federal Reserve is one your students won't forget.

Film and media is an increasingly popular area of study and there are plenty of opportunities for travel here too. In the UK there are major film studios and the opportunity for backstage tours of the BBC both in London and the new Media City complex in Salford. Further afield Prague has one of the oldest film schools in Europe and is still developing and encouraging new talent. Or visit Berlin which has hundreds of independent production companies and is increasingly chosen as a location by film companies from around the world. It also houses a museum of film and TV that will allow students to discover the history of their chosen industry.

There are of course many subject areas including history, law, politics, fashion, art, tourism and lots of others that can benefit from trips to experience at first hand the impact that the subject has in the real world. A well-planned visit is worth many hours of study and will help students to grasp academic concepts in a practical environment. They say that travel broadens the mind and that's never truer than in the context of studying for a degree or diploma.


Jennifer is a freelance writer and former teacher who knows the benefits that student travel tours can bring to the learning process.