Social Science: What kind of careers can I pursue with my program/major?

A frequent question among Social Science students is “What can I do with my degree?” While many students expect that there are a very limited number of career options, the reality is that what you decide to do after graduation is not necessarily dictated by your program/major.

There are some careers that have gated entry points and require specific educational requirements. For example, if you wish to become a Chartered Accountant, there a number of accounting courses you will need to complete and exams to pass. However, with most areas of study you will acquire a broad range of skills that easily translate into a multitude of careers.

Making the transition from University to career is a process that may involve many steps. Each person’s experience and level of need is very individual and there are multiple resources to assist you in making good decisions.

For more on careers that are related to your area of study check out our “What can I do with my studies in…” below. The careers listed are a small sample developed to aid students in their career exploration and development. The sheets are not all encompassing and do not include peripheral careers. Research show most student end up employed in areas outside of their academic area of study and these lists should not be considered absolute.

“What can I do with my studies in…”
'What can I do with my studies in…?’ information sheets have been developed for UWO students and alumni. The information has been gathered through researching various universities, related associations and the many departments within the Faculty of Social Science at UWO.

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