Indians get visa-free or VoA access in 52 nations

London: British citizens enjoy the widest range of visa-free travel in the world, being able to visit 173 countries with just a passport, while Indians get visa-free or visa-on-arrival access in 52 countries.

The UK citizens are at par with those from Finland and Sweden for visa-free access, according to Henley & Partners Visa Restriction Index.

Nine out of the top ten in the index are European Union countries, with the tenth being the United States.

India figures 74th on the list while Afghanistan comes at the bottom of the table, with only 28 countries available for entry without visa. Iraqi passport holders can go to 31 countries while Pakistan and Somalia are tied at the third from the bottom with 32.

According to passport information from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), 52 countries and territories provide visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to holders of Indian passports.
Twenty-eight countries and territories are accessible visa-free.

Where visa-free access is permitted, such access is not necessarily a right, and admission may technically be at the discretion of border enforcement officers. Visitors engaging in activities other than tourism, including unpaid work, may require a visa or work permit.

Indian citizens do not need a visa to travel and work in Nepal or Bhutan. The country of residence is a factor in determining the visa requirements for Indian passport holders when visiting some countries.

For example, an Indian citizen residing in the US holding a permanent resident permit (Green Card) does not need a visa to travel to Canada, Mexico and many countries and territories in the Caribbean.

Indian citizens resident in Japan with valid Alien Registration Cards can travel to the Republic of Korea (South Korea) for tourism and short business trips.

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