AAAS Fellowship Application System - Application Questions

Q: When is the AAAS Fellowship application deadline?
The annual deadline is 5 December, without exception. All required information, including three letters of recommendation, must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time on that date. Applications are accepted beginning 1 September until the application deadline of 5 December, for the fellowship class that begins the following September.

Q: How many individuals apply each year and how many are selected?
The ratio of applicants to fellowships awarded is different in each of the fellowship program areas. We urge you not to consider "the odds," but to apply to the fellowships that fit best with your interests and area of expertise. It is in those areas that you will be most competitive. Overall, AAAS awards more than 130 first-year fellowships annually. In addition, approximately 30 congressional and 10 executive branch fellowships are selected and awarded by our partner scientific and engineering societies.

Q: How do I prepare a competitive application?
Applicants can improve their chances of gaining a fellowship by reading all sections of the Fellowships website thoroughly to ensure an understanding of the focus of the five fellowship program areas, the eligibility requirements, and the application instructions. Applicants should allow enough time to develop a comprehensive, well-presented and error-free candidate statement. It is critical to contact references early to provide them time to prepare a thoughtful and thorough letter of recommendation. It is also essential to follow the application instructions. Do not submit documents that exceed the mandated page or word limit. If called for an interview, prepare to concisely articulate your interests and background, and be able to discuss how your science relates to policy.

Q: May I apply to more than one AAAS Fellowship area?
Yes, you may apply for up to two fellowship areas via AAAS. Keep in mind that each fellowship area is distinct from the others, with a unique focus and requirements. It is necessary to submit a separate application for each fellowship area. To learn more about the five fellowship program areas, please click here.

Q: What happens if one or more of my recommendations arrive late or not at all?
All required information must be received by the 5 December deadline in order to forward an application to the initial review stage. Applications with fewer than three recommendation letters will be designated as ineligible and will not be forwarded for review.

Q: When will applicants be notified about the status of their application and candidacy for a fellowship?
Applicants will be notified of the status of their application at several points through the 2012-13 application and selection process. Please see the Fellowship Schedule for details.

Q. What are possible reasons that an applicant is not selected to advance in the review process or selected for a Science & Technology Policy Fellowship?
Applicants may not be selected for a number of reasons that are in no sense a negative reflection on the individual or her/his science. These reasons might include those noted below.

The applicant is perceived to be at too early a stage in her/his career to benefit fully from the fellowship.
The applicant has not demonstrated a focus on applying his/her science in a broader societal and policy context.
The applicant is perceived to be already well-skilled in policy-related activities, and therefore would not benefit fully from the experience that the fellowship provides.

Q: Can I reapply for a AAAS Fellowship?
Yes. AAAS does not impose limits on the number of times a candidate may apply. There are AAAS Fellows who have been selected upon their second or third application.

Q. May I receive feedback on my application either before or after it is submitted, or on an interview?
No. AAAS does not provide written or verbal feedback on applications or interviews. The pool of applicants, the semi-finalists, the reviewers, and the configuration of the Selection Committees change annually. Therefore, commentary will not necessarily be relevant to the next application cycle.


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